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REAL ESTATE CLASS - Become a Real Estate Agent today! Take the first step by registering for the next Pre-License. Call for more information 671-649-2121.

NICE Membership offered to Guam Real Estate Licensed Agents and Brokers only.
With registration payment pf $1.00 you will get a lifetime of 5%
off to your future C.E. purchases. And received exclusive emails on our in-class course(s).

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Bookkeeping and Accounting Course on Thursday (Feb 20, 2020)
It's a 3 Hours course with a $50.00 registration price.

If you're interested, please DM me.
Thank you,
->Students are required to bring their LAPTOPS to the class.

Real Estate Agent’s and Broker’s Pre-License Training

N.I.C.E 2020 Pre-License Course Schedule

To sign up for this course, contact: National Institute of Continuing Education (N.I.C.E.) 341 South Marine Corps Drive, Suite 203 2nd Floor, R.K. Professional Plaza (former Jay Ease Bldg.), Phone: 687-2012, 787-8087, 649-2121 * Email: